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» Beyond Fanfiction Forum: Fanfiction message board for Orlando Bloom (and character) fanfiction. Not a free-for-all submissions forum - high-quality only.

» /rubyjet: personal site/blog for Kase/Skeeta.

» Beyond Imagination: fanfiction archive for high-quality Orlando Bloom fanfiction (yes, actorfic)

» official site for erotica/romantica author Susie Charles.

» 100% Aussie: site with buttons for Aussie webmasters to show their Green & Gold pride ^_^

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» Fehr Game - An Oded Clique: clique for fans of Oded Fehr

» The 8th Chevron - 'The Fifth Race' Fanlisting: fanlisting for people who love the SG-1 episode The Fifth Race

» Meridian - The 'Meridian' Fanlisting: fanlisting for the season 5 SG-1 episode, Meridian