Latest Updates:

3.4.05 :: Almost two years since the last update - I suck. Big time. Things have just been fairly quiet around here - not much to update FOR. Couple of new-ish sites/hostees though:

Beyond Fanfiction Forum - a message board set up for members to post high-quality fanfiction about Orlando Bloom and various other related characters.

/rubyjet - replaced Dreaming as the homesite/portal of Kase/skeeta. - official website for the author Susie Charles.

24.5.03 :: Apologies for the lack of updates, but I've been busy with other things in online life. :) However, there is a new site at to announce. :)

100% Aussie is a small site which includes some link buttons for Aussie webmasters to display on their site. There are a variety of buttons for both light and dark backgrounds, and all buttons are 60 x 60 pixels. If you want to show a bit of pride for the green & gold, grab a button and please link back. :)

13.3.03 :: Almost 2 months again. <sigh> I'm really not this slack normally, honest! BUT, I have finally finished my school studies, so hopefully I'll have a little more time to work on stuff here... and maybe even start looking for hostees! :) Not sure yet. :)

New hostee to join the crew... Beyond Imagination. An Orlando Bloom fanfiction archive. Yes, it's actorfic. But the point of this archive is to bring together the better-than-average OB fics. So you won't find any teeny-boppery type stories here with tYpiNG LiKE tHiS (which just annoys the frell out of me).

25.1.03 :: Um, so it's been 2 months... but my only excuse is that it's been a very BUSY 2 months! ;) So today I've been productive and updated the Oded Clique, as well as updated the 5th Race Fanlisting, AND I've finally finished the Meridian Fanlisting, which is all uploaded and ready to be joined! Hopefully it won't take me so long next time with the updates. :)

25.11.02 :: Another upcoming hostee - the "Meridian" fanlisting! Approval has been given - now I just have to actually design and upload the thing. <g> In the upcoming months (after December/January) I'd say, there will hopefully be some more hostees. But at the moment it all depends on how long it takes me to finish my TAFE (technical college) course. Speaking of... I should be doing that now and not procrastinating at the computer. Hee!

29.10.02 :: Added most of the remaining pages and included one new hostee! Welcome, Kase!! ^_^ I've also added two new affiliate buttons, so if you'd like to be affiliated, contact me! :) The forums might be up shortly... I'm not sure if I will be putting them up at this stage. :)

20.10.02 :: Added remaining pages and included one 'upcoming' hostee. The forums will be up shortly... I hope... *g*

9.9.02 :: Added countdown to Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers to the main page.

5.9.02 :: Finally got the damn main page up! LOL! It's taken me long enough. Have also listed a couple of the current hostees (two of my sites, ackshully *g*)

Contact: Please include 'Twisted-Logic[dot]org' in the subject so I know what it's in regards to. Thank ya kindly! (Just remove *frell* from the address)

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